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Zhongqi Shengjian Properties (Liaoning) Co., Ltd.
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      The company is situated in Zhangwu County, Fuxin, Liaoning. It was incorporated in December, 2011, with the registered capital of 20 million Yuan. Its main business scope covers real estate development and sales, property management and house rent, etc. 
      The company has successively committed a number of projects. The Green Intelligence Valley has a total development area of 180,000 m2, and the total investment of 0.72 billion Yuan; Zhongqi Shenzhang New Town Royal Park has a total development area of 150,000 m2, and the total investment of 0.45 billion Yuan; BT projects: Innovation Center, Hongjia Primary School and Liu River Governance. The Innovation Service Center has a total investment of 0.12 billion Yuan and the building area of 24,000 m2; Hongjia Primary School has a total investment of 0.12 billion Yuan and the building area of 48,000 m2; Liu River Governance project includes 15.5km river course governance works and construction of 7 rubber dams, and the total investment is 0.8 billion Yuan; Nei River project has a total length of 50km and the total investment is 0.42 billion Yuan.  
      The company adheres to the operation tenet of “creating brand through management, promoting development via brand and retaining customers with honesty” and abides by the quality principle of “pursuing excellence and achieving perfection”. We actively conduct production and operation and achieved the standing development and progress. We have enhanced our overall strength and development momentum. The company will always highlight development. With our advanced development concept, well-established business thought and honest style, we would make concerted efforts and commit innovation so that we would weather through the fierce market competition and uphold the banner of continuously making innovation. In the meantime, the company hopes to join hands with all social walks, seeks common development and creates a better future! 
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